Replacing a Lost or Stolen Railcard

Have you lost or had your Railcard stolen? Don't worry, it can be replaced.

A lost Railcard bought online

You are entitled to apply for one replacement in the event of loss or damage. There is an administration fee of £10 for this service. We regret that any journeys you make whilst you are without your Railcard will have to be at full fare and any discount lost is not refundable. You will need to log in to your account and order a replacement online. You can only apply for a replacement Railcard seven or more days after the date of the original online purchase.

A lost Railcard bought at a station

If you bought your Railcard at a station, you can go to any staffed station where you must give the completed "Receipt" portion of your original application form to staff – we will not be able to issue any replacements for loss if you do not have the stamped receipt.

If your replacement is due to damage you will be required to surrender your old damaged Railcard. You will have to pay a £10 administration fee.

Stolen Railcard

If your Railcard has been stolen and you have been given a crime reference number or documents by the Police, then we will give you a free replacement.

To replace a stolen Railcard you bought online, please login to your account and follow the replacement process, you will need to quote your crime reference number. You can also call our Helpline on 0345 3000 250.

To replace a stolen Railcard you bought at a station you need to go to a station with your crime reference number/documentation and some form of identification.